Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm definitely there.

I am happy. Life is going so good and Utah is fun! Woohoo! I've accepted that this is the next step in my life and I'm loving it. Our apartment is great. Holli and Brooke are the best roommates I could ask for. We have people who actually like us: Mike, Billy and Ryan. We hang out with them almost everyday, which is nice. Last week we went to Denny's at 12:30 a.m. and then had to go to work the next day. It was totally worth it though. I'm enjoying work, which shocks me a little. I am the only girl in the office and everyone else is married. My favorite person is this guy named Marty because he always apologizes (only to me) when he swears. I think it's hilarious. He also can't remember my name. He used to call me Bridget and now he calls me Barbie. I'm considering changing my name...

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again...
So, I have had a major clutsy moment already. I'm telling you, sometimes concrete stairs just appear out of nowhere and there's nothing you can do about it. I may or may not have been walking with my hands in my pocket when I tripped, making it very difficult to catch myself. My knees hit first, then my hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and then the side of my face. I felt retarded. I laid on the ground for a minute or so while Holli and Brooke laughed at me. Almost immediately, my left knee swelled up so much that I couldn't bend it anymore which made it hard to hide my injury. It's been 3 days, and it's still swollen, but not as bad as it was before. It is pretty funny. I've realized that I always injure myself in the most awkward ways. It's like it is absolutely impossible for me to hurt myself in a respectable way, like saving a child or getting into a boxing match. Let me list my awkward injuries:

• Knocked out playing goalie in gym, 4th grade
• Ran into metal pole while running the mile, 6th grade
• Knocked out by a giant kickball, 9th grade
• Jammed finger while having falling dream, 11th grade
• Broke toe while mud sliding, sophomore year of college
• Swollen knee after falling with hands in pockets, 2nd month in Utah

Wow, there are more than I thought. By reading this, someone might think I am completely retarded. I really hope not... PS: I would really recommend not walking with your hands in your pockets. There is a lesson to be learned from my awkwardness.

Friday, September 11, 2009

...And I Think I'm There...

What a week in the life of Mikey. So much has happened, and let me tell you, it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Let's just say it hasn't always been fun, but it's getting better incredibly fast.

I spent my last full day in Rexburg. I packed and packed and packed and then tried to shove it all in my car. I was like the 3D puzzle from hell trying to get all of my stuff in there, you have no idea. I was really impressed when I was done though. Doubly impressive that I did it all by myself. I was magically able to leave a small area of my back window clear so I could see, which is always nice when traveling on the freeway. For the rest of the day on Monday I hung out with my good friend Ashley, with whom I've been staying for the past 7 weeks. We went to dinner and ice cream with Kate, Pope, Jacob Simpson, Tyler Camp, Jacob Barlow, and Brandon and Laura Allison. It was really nice to see everyone, but it really sucked at the end of the night when I had to say goodbye. I'm not going to lie, I may or may not have had a mini breakdown when I left to go to sleep. I wish that I wouldn't have even bothered, cause I didn't fall asleep until 3 in the morning anyway. I kept waking up remembering things that I needed to do the next morning before I left.

After a completely unsatisfying night's rest, I awoke at 6:45 am to say goodbye to Ashley before she left for work. I'll admit it, I did cry that time (especially after she left). I spent the rest of the morning eating breakfast with Brianna Dance, visiting with Mark, Beth and Sydney, and running a thousand errands that shouldn't have taken as long as they did. My departure time kept getting pushed back further and further because I didn't want to go. Finally, I got up the courage and after a quick prayer hopped into my car. I put on a little Anberlin (my favorite band) and started driving. I made it to about the Rexburg city limits before I started crying. I am usually not a super emotional person, so driving and crying is not one of my strong points. I waved in the rearview mirror, said "I'll be back soon", and sang as loud as I could until I couldn't think anymore. I was fine after five minutes, but then a new problem presented itsself. I was tired. This made the remaining 3 hours and 45 minutes of my drive super fun... Beth left Rexburg about the same time to come to SLC for the fun. concert. I didn't have a ticket, but I tagged along anyway only to discover that it was sold out. Luckily, Beth's brother Adam new some people who worked at a radio station and they got me in for free! It was incredible. One point for Utah. What a great show! They really were fantastic live, I would recommend them to anyone. Bethy was on cloud nine when she got to meet each of the band members and I took pictures. What a great night. We crashed at Adam and Julie's for the night. Lights out: 10:00pm.

I didn't realize until I said goodbye to Beth and pulled away from the parking lot that I was actually homeless. I literally had no where to go and nothing to do. This is when I had another mini breakdown and called my grandma. She said I could stay at her place, So I drove down to Orem, dropped off my things and proceeded to drive back to SLC to pick up Brooke at the airport. Holli met us in town and the apartment search began! We looked in North Salt Lake, South Salt Lake, Regular Salt Lake, Murray, and Taylorsville. Lots of places we like, but still not THE ONE. We celebrated the end of search day #1 with a lunch date with lil' Meg in Midvale. Two points for Utah.

We found THE ONE. Brooke and I continued the search and found the perfect place in Holladay. It is called Turnberry Apartments, and they are just adorable. We were referred by multiple friends, so I guess that's a good sign. We called Holli, made sure she was okay with it, and picked up our applications. We were so giddy that it was ridiculous. It's like we just knew when we got there. I was so anxious about being denied that I couldn't sleep again. I laid in my bed until 3:30 am. and then decided to take a little field trip around my grandparent's house. I walked downstairs and upstairs and up and down the halls. I ate some grapes and opened every single door and drawer that I could find. When I eventually ran out of things to do, it was 4:15 so I decided to try again and was finally successful. Negative one point for Utah.

I scared myself awake this morning, and for good reason. I overslept by an hour. Didn't even hear my alarm. Retarded. I was supposed to meet Brooke and Holli at 9 in Holladay, but I didn't get there until 10:30. ooops. We turned in our applications and deposit and patiently awaited the verdict. While waiting, we found the most delicious Taco Bell on the face of the earth on State St. Another point for Utah. Finally the call came at 4:44 that we had gotten the apartment. Brooke immediately updated her Facebook status via cellphone and I texted everybody I knew. The only downfall: we can't move in till Monday. We don't even care, we are just so happy! This is finally starting to feel real. This earns FIVE points for Utah.

<3 Mikey.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Getting There

So, I found an apartment that I love right next to the University of Utah. I hope we get it. More than that, I hope that if we don't get it, I won't be too disappointed. Ahhh... the ups and downs of apartment searching. I'm finally getting excited; my plan is working. I started looking at ways to decorate, which is really fun. I won't be able to afford anything for awhile, but it's okay to dream. I talked to Holli yesterday and she said if our living room is big enough, she will bring her lovesac! Perfect for Lil' Meg to spend the night on!

PS: The title of my last blog reminds me of Arrested Development. Gob and his magic tricks get me every time...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Final Countdown

How many times can one person complain about moving? Well, it's a lot cause I catch myself doing it all of the time. I am moving on either Monday or Tuesday. That's only 5 or 6 days and I am dreading it. These are the reasons:

1. I don't have a job
2. I don't have an apartment
3. I don't have any money
4. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to friends
5. The future is very uncertain
6. I have to buy furniture/ sleep on the floor

These, however, are the reasons I should be more excited:

1. I am going to live with 2 great friends
2. We will have our own place
3. I'll get to meet new friends
4. I'll be closer to all of the concerts in SLC
5. Lil' Meg is right there in Draper
6. And let's be honest, I'm only 4 hours from Rexburg

I have to keep telling myself that everything is okay. I gave the R.S. lesson in Church on Sunday and it was about finding joy in life. As I was giving the lesson, I came to the realization that: Yes, this is scary, but the Lord will take care of me. I just need to take steps toward the goals that I have and He will lead me to where I need to be. I have since decided that I need to give Utah a fair chance and that I am going to be super excited about it (or at least try). So here we go! This is going to be great! Only 5 or 6 days till the rest of my life. WOOHOO!

<3 Mikey.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trip preparations..

I just want you all to know that I do still read the blogs, I just haven't had time to write on my own. Lame excuse, but I've put in a lot of playing time lately. I feel as though I deserve it for going to 6 consecutive semesters of college... Anyway, today I am getting ready to leave with Bethy Boo tomorrow morning. Here's our plan:

-Leave at 9:45 am
-Stop by the mall in IF for shorts and tank tops
-Drive to Logan
-Eat lunch with Brittney and Lonny
-Get ready for Isaac's rehearsal dinner
-Drive to Salt Lake
-Help Share-Bear set everything up
-Sleep in Salt Lake

-Isaac's wedding (me and Britt are going too)
-Look around for an apartment if I have time
-Sleep in Salt Lake

-Awaken early
-Drive to airport
-Depart at 9:50 am
-Arrive in Vegas at 10:10 am
-See Sydney!
-Wait patiently for Meagan and Kayla to come
-Party like it's 1999

Sound good? Can't wait to see you girls. I can't believe it's already here! I've been working on my tan, so I hope I don't get too burned. I was telling Brittney that I may have to be pushed around in a wheelchair so I don't faint from the heat. I may also have to be fanned with giant palm leaves at all times. Hope you guys are cool with that... Love you!

<3 mikey

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today I got a surprise in the mail! It was a graduation package from my good friends Ty and Jess. I was so excited to open it, but was confused as how do to so since it was completely covered in green duct tape! When I finally figured it out, this is what I found:

- 1 Powell's Books shirt (PURPLE!)
- 1 pack of CAT playing cards
- 1 box of 32 Crayons
- 1 rape whistle
- 1 tiny spool of thread
- 1 Donald Duck Disneyland pin
- 1 Kung Foo Panda magnet
- 1 travel Battleship game
- 1 sparkly Hannah Montana puzzle
- 4 Transformers Band Aids
- 1 pack of stickers
- 5 37 cent stamps
- 1 pack of fruit snacks (which I already ate)
- 4 #2 pencils
- 2 dice
- 1 gray paint swatch
- 1 clothes pin
- 25 random facts about Rainn Wilson
- 1 Biore nose strip
- 1 original drawing of "Sandy Bee-Atch" the Drag Queen
- 1 "Reading is Sexy" bumper sticker
- 2 Goosebumps books: Say Cheese and Die! and The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
- 5 CDs: Music of Russia, John Denver Collection, Amy Grant Christmas, Smallville Soundtrack, and a creepy one that's supposed to help you fall asleep.
- 20 red pepper packets
- 24 parmesan cheese packets
- a card with $1 and a dime (for tithing) inside

As I pulled each item out of the box, I continued to laugh harder and harder. It was HILARIOUS! Some of the things they sent have some kind of inside joke attached to it, but most of it is just random. This is the front of the card:

Somehow, they seem to have captured the exact thought that is running through my head at this very moment. AMAZING!

And the inside:

It's always nice to have a little reminder to pay my tithing...

Anyway, just thought you guys would enjoy that. Miss you tons!

14 days!

<3 mikey

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Job Search

Wanna know what stresses me out? Let me list them off for you:

1. Deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life
2. Looking for a job that I qualify for
3. Putting together a portfolio
4. Finding a place to live
5. Making my car payment
6. Living out of a suitcase
7. Not having a computer cord (yep, still don't have one)

So I spent the day job searching. woohoo. I actually found a lot of jobs that I am interested in that are located in the Salt Lake area, but now I have to put together personalized portfolios for each one. That'll be exciting. Hopefully it will pay off. I'm feeling positively about it. Portfolio day begins tomorrow! Yay!

<3 Mikey.